Google Glass and Dance

Google Glass is a new strong and light weight way to stream videos, take pictures and record videos handsfree. With its glasses design it’s completely voice activated and it has a modern design.

It was interesting to me that in the Google Glass commercial they had a first person view of a dancer and his partner… but in reality I don’t think they would stay on for dancing any genre of dance.    Image


Roco Summer Camp

This summer my plans are staying the same. Starting June 17th I will be attending my dance companies summer program. I love this camp and keep going back to it because over the corse of the camp you aren’t just learning one type of dance, but many! There is jazz, ballet, modern, and contemporary, as well as Brazilian.

Check out the website –> bodylanguage

How to achieve a better Tour Jeté

A Tour Jeté  is a jump or leap that is big, Take ballet class consistently because Tour jetes require strength. It requires to push off of the floor and achieve a great height. To achieve great height you need to have a preparation that will give you max momentum. You can prepare by a grace run, tombe pada boure, or sashe. After preparation steps push off of the floor with your left foot and extend your right leg straight in front and then your left foot directly in back of you. You should basically be in the splits in the air, make sure to point your toes hard! Your arms should be in 4th position which means your left arm should be straight out in front of you and right arm straight to the side. The arms contrast to what leg you extend first! KristiBooneJeteFullSize

ODC Dance Company (Oberlin Dance Collective)

image_1c0f16dfd408d45b62d8c996be7566c7This active dance company has been operating in San Francisco’s mission district for 40 years, and one of the most active centers of dance in the West coast. A fully unique integrated two building campus, with eight studios and two performance venues. They provided stability and access to creative art-making, Presenting, co-presenting, scholarships, work exchange, apprentice, sponsorship and rental programs are all here to serve the large professional dance, music and theater communities in San Francisco. ODC Dance Downtown 2013 season has performances thought the month of March. Prices range from 20-75$, Location: 701 Mission Street at 3rd.   <— LINK

Foot undeez

These dance undeez can be used mainly for modern to jazz,they are an alternative dance shoe to jazz shoes which are usually black or tan (boring colors) …but the foot undeez are light weight, very comfortable,they look like a pair of underwear for your feet and the slide between you big toe and around the ball of your feet they add a bit of style to your dance coming in camouflage, pink, sparkly, black, various colors of tan, and leopard print..etc you can purchase them at and they run between the prices of 10$-20$ the brand that is most liked and relied on is Capezio. Hurry buy fast Discount Dance is having a sale! Foot Undeez_2

Dejan Tubic’s Youtube Channel

A lot of these videos I am wanting to remake and incorporate into my own dances,

Meet Dejan Tubic,
With over 40 millions views all over the world, Dejan Tubic is becoming the most watched Choreographer on-line. Aside from hison-line achievements, Dejan is also a working dancer and choreographer in the industry. He was last seen on MTV’sThe Electric Barbarella, working all season long as their choreographer. Recently, Dejan was hired with his partner Janelle Ginestra, not on to dance on America’s Got Talent, but also to choreograph for the show, including the Rebecca Black Performance, and Youtube sensation, Keenan Cahill featuring Nick Cannon. Dejan has danced for several artists including Usher at the American Music Awards and dancing for the legendary ToniBraxton in her music video “Make My Heart”. Traveling abroad, not only to teach workshops in countries all over the world, including Russia, India, and Mexico, he also Choreographed for their artists such as Vivi from China and KeleOkereke from the U.K. Dejan is a faculty member of International Dance Academy (IDA) in Hollywood, CA, where shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew film. Wether it is traveling world teaching classes or choreographing music videos, Dejan Tubic is leaving his mark on the dance industry.

First Blog

“Hey! My name is Shayla Crowell, I am 15 years old (NorthCali)… yup you guessed it! I love dancing and I have been for as long as I can remember. On this blog I will be taking you though a dancers life.”I will be taking photos  and updating posts.