Catcher In the Rye

In the book Catcher in the Rye Holden’s life is very different from our sweet life we have in Marin. First of all Holden got kicked out of his school Pencey you can tell that Holden’s family is not wealthy but he is because of his family. He takes money from them and saves it. As a kid who lives in Marin I feel as if we don’t have that need to take as much as Holden because of the lack of money we are given in our economy bubble we live in. I also feel like Holden’s life is not a lie and he is living in the real hard world and we get it easier living in Marin. Our lives relate because of the smoking,drugs , and alcohol that is much incorporated in your society. Holden really doesn’t have his parents constantly breathing down his neck and checking in, but I do and many teens who are 16-17 and live in Marin do to.



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